Sunspots, Hurricanes and Glaciers
It is all about sunspots

Beginning in the winter of 2006, I began playing around with sunspot numbers that I downloaded from SIDC at and temperature and precipitation numbers numbers that I downloaded from NOAA.  I put together my first paper and couldn't find a place or way to channel it other than send it to a scientists that might have been mentioned in the WEB news pages. 

Then, in 2009 time frame, Dr. James B. Elsner's work on sunspot numbers and hurricane activity appeared on the WEB.  

Was I excited.  Someone else sees the same thing I do.  I sent him my work and I got an invite to his 3rd conference on hurricanes two years ago. YEAH!

I had to mind my manners, though. The people that I was with were outstanding in the field of hurricane science.  I took notes, kept my mouth shut and opened up my ears and learned so much in five days.

Here's my work for that conference: