Sunspots, Hurricanes and Glaciers
It is all about sunspots

  4th International Summit on Hurricanes

                and Climate Change


I was ready to go, plane ticket in hand, flight manifest all a go and then, one morning back in May/June I got a call from my travel service that my key flight off the Greek island of Kos was canceled.  The whole return flight sequence was delayed twelve hours and had me sleeping more in airports than on airplanes.  Thus, I had to cancel and I had most of my money refunded. 

Thank you all who worked with me on the cancellation of my trip..

This will be my last paper on this topic until the end of the Sunspot Cycle.  Main Reason is awaiting more data.  Revisiting the topic every two years does not include enough data.

Special Thank You to the Niagara Falls Library, Niagara Falls, New York for allowing me to use one of their prints in this presentation. 

However the paper was in process.  With the cancellation I thought it best to switch from and abstract to a Power Point with more information. 

Now, we are in the fifth year of a solar minimum and data is not changing rapidly enough to warrant further updates until the end of the cycle.  That is about 2019.

 My paper for this year is Solar Minimum, Atlantic Basin Named Storm Forecast, May 2012.  It is dated for July 2013.

4th International Summit on Hurricanes and Climate Change

Here is just an observation note at this time, August 6, 2013. There is not much Atlantic Basin hurricane activity to speak of.  August should be busy under the Man-Made Global Warming hypothesis.