Sunspots, Hurricanes and Glaciers
It is all about sunspots
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By Paul Pierett, Auburndale, Florida

The Purpose of this web site is to provide an alternative view on the topic of climate change.

The bottom line is: We are barely here.  We are wiping out our non-domestic animal population and greatly need a DNA bank of all known animals living and extinct and it doesn't help a bit to ship our production overseas to protect our environment.  Bring it home where we can keep production clean. 

I don't have a science background, but I knew after reading about the last Ice Age as a hobby beginning in 2004, what was being written in the newspapers; being made law; taken out of context and quoted by "newspaper scientists"  grasping for the climate change answer; was just garbage.  I couldn't find someone with a full answer and people jumped on the person who said it wasn't man-made global warming.  I knew there had to be one good answer that "Joe, The Plumber" could understand. 

I began to read and bought more text books.  I read more and bought a set of science encyclopedia.  I read more and bought computer classes in the sciences.  I make notes as I went along.  Then one day in the winter of 2006 I picked up a book titled, "Through Space and Time" by Sir James Jeans. 

Within the pages was a chart by Sir Richard Gregory of the Royal Meteorological Society.  Sir Gregory had matched sunspot activity to the lake levels of Lake Victoria that is the head waters of the Nile.  This seemed to jell everything I have read or am reading.  It gave it a base.

I now think of the Sun as our furnace and sunspot activity as that slight change in the Earth's thermostat.  In our place in time and space, sunspot activity is the difference between a Mini-Ice and the abundant world we had up and to about 2006.

Since 2004 to 2006, nature has been in decline.  Drought began to set in and we began to experience strange weather such as colder winters.

This is not blog. If you have constructive comments, recommendations, critiques, especially resources, you can find my addresses on my papers and you can mail your information to me.

My growing reference list is in my papers that are attached.  I do make a strong effort to give credit where credit is due.

My first view observations of climate change began back in the 1960s.  My Dad and I sat in our 1963 Pontiac Station wagon and watched my brother play baseball in Middletown, Ohio sometime in May or June. 

It was cold and it was snowing.  It was suppose to be summer.  My Dad traded in for a new car about every three years.  So, some time between 1963 and 1968, we had a cold summer.

The second time I really noticed climate change is when I attended a college located on the banks of Crooked Lake in Central Florida from 1972 to 1976.  Three communities at the time; South Lake Wales, Babson Parkand Frostproof, Florida, bordered the lake. 

The lake slowly receded each year for the next four years of college.  During my first year, the lake began to break into three parts.  The land area was dry and in many places and white sand appeared under the foliage. 

Some blamed it on a hurricane that changed everything in the early 1960s.  Others blamed it on surface mining in Central Florida.  Others blamed the low water-table on too much irrigation and the digging of canals.  All this seemed reasonable and contributed to the problem of a low water-table in both the Kissimmee and Peace River channels.

I returned in 1996 to work at the college for a year or two and, at that time, the area was more of jungle.  Rain was heavy and hurricane activity had returned. 

Crooked Lake was now returning to the known high water mark.  The lake had re-crossed US Highway 27 and was encroaching on the neighborhoods of South Lake Wales on the east and west side of the highways.  The nearly dry canals of South Lake Wales had refilled.  The lake was no longer three lakes, but one very large lake.

One "Old Timer" that lived in the Babson Park area once said that he could drive across the lake and at one time, he could paddle a canoe from Babson Park to Fort Meade some 10 to 15 miles away.

In 1997, I was assigned to Germany as backup to NATO occupation of Bosnia.  Unlike the cooler temperatures of late 1970s when I was first assigned to Germany in the U.S. Army, the temperatures were not only warmer, but I was breaking a sweat more often.

Thus, I seemed to note the climate changes in my lifetime as time went along.  Now, I am into the minor changes such as drought, rain, hurricane activity each year.

I quit being a prophet.  I took back the skills of an observer and historian.  I am now recording what is going on and trying to find a similar time in the last Medieval Global Warming cycle.  I keep finding things to add to my causes of climate-change list.

My work is based on sunspot activity and how does sunspot activity change glacier and hurricane activity. We are in a period where there is a basic balance between hurricane activity and glacier growth and melt.  Now, that temperature balance is the mean winter temperature of the USA at 33 degrees F.

The irony of the two is, we need both. Both, somewhere on the Earth, the two bring us rain, runoff or snow.  If hurricane activity is increasing due to more sunspot activity, then glaciers are melting. On the other hand, if we find glaciers are growing due to less sunspot activity, hurricanes and tropical storms are dropping off in numbers and strength and hitting our shorelines less.

Thus, the title of this web site found it's origins.

The basics of this paper are the Miliankovitch Cycles. This web site focuses on all the causes of global warming and cooling, not just green house gases.

All work is copyright. There are errors in my papers. I am always learning more each day.

Scientists are updating Pre-satellite estimates of hurricane activity based on ship logs and weather patterns and when that is finished, I will update my papers.