Sunspots, Hurricanes and Glaciers
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I don't have cable.  Even when I travel or stop for work, I seldom watch it, but I do like the music channels.  As I watched some cable TV at my brother's house during the Christmas season, I realized how stupid the USA has become and why.  We have 24-7, 100s of channels of stupid.  We can't fix stupid.

A channel I once loved has deteriorated into viewing people my grandparents grew up with.  They worked their way out of hills to give their kids a better life.  Now, I can view their pass at near live on TV.  Well, if I missed viewing that culture for the channel is not available, I only need to turn the channel for just about every backwards or depraved culture is available on another channel.

For example, the yahoo channel is now talking about abominable snowmen.  They have been seen through out the USA.  The reason we don't see them is they move between the states through secret caves and tunnels.

The next show was on aliens from outer space and Mars. I watched about 20 minutes more of the yahoo channel before unplugged myself.  To think the USA is soaking this stuff up 24/7 leaves me in prophet status.. 

This is not about about that. 

These pages are about things I have observed, studied and pieced together and collected from others in my travels.  I spend my day thinking outside the box and the world of cable television.


How Deep Was the Mediterranean Sea and How Did the Sea Appear During the Ice Ages?  Edited from Answer.Com

By C. Paul Pierett 

See: Where Was Eden on another page.

Bottom Line: If there was an Eden, best guess, is Eden was an area between today’s Turkey and Cyprus, based on the geography put down in the Book of Genesis. Two, Eden existed at some time in the last or previous ice ages.  Three, the construction of Eden took thousands of years of sediment to build up during the time when the Med Sea was cut off from the Atlantic and that brings us to a final assumption, Genesis is a partial oral history handed down through the ages covering thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years.

This point above will be covered in detail later as I update my slide show.

Why am I into this?  Because I have listened to Christians argue over Darwin, Evolution, Was the Earth form in a Day, Creationalism, Supreme Intelligence.  I also see the smart ones give up and walk away from the Church and their faith for the lack of answers from the pulpit.

Even in the last several years, I heard a Methodist minister speak about the seven day creation.  Actually it is six days, but who is counting.

Anyway, let’s step back in time.  Did the ancient people have a concept of a billion years?  Did they have a concept of a thousand years?  Maybe at best, most had the concept of a growing season or winter and maybe a year.

The Greeks and the Egyptians judged themselves by how many generations back to being begat by a god.  Around 500 B.C., the following took place.

Somewhere around 600 B.C. the following took place. “When Hecataeus of Miletus boasted to the Egyptian Priest that he could trace his ancestry through fifteen generations to a god, they…(showed him that) making 345 generations.” Page 68, The Life of Greece by Will Durant.

So, basically, the ancients got up in the morning and went to bed at dark.  Someone watched the gates to the village and someone watched the flocks over night.

Well, if they did most of their work in a day, so did God.  To them, God did it in a day.  Who constructed the belief in one-God?  Adam.  When? Maybe 30,000 to 45,000 years ago.  Maybe longer!  Maybe shorter! 

Who wrote it down?  Moses!  Who was Moses?  He was a Hebrew, found by Pharaoh’s daughter, who adopted him.  Where was he educated?  In Pharaoh’s Court by his Scribes and other members of the Court.  What can we guess?  The Egyptians used a day to describe what was going on.

Now, can we let this rest?  The ancient people used a Day and we use billions of years to describe what is going on.  Any Christian or the like who uses a Day and defends a day, deserves not to be listened to and to be ignored. 

We can even measure something based on its radiation signature.  They measured it based on the amount of Sunlight in a day.  Are they so wrong?  No, it’s the people of today that want to measure creation in a day who are wrong and should be ashamed of themselves for making themselves look like an idiot for arguing the needless point and losing converts.

Furthermore, if one where to study the stages of God’s creation in Genesis, the pattern of development was not much different than what is studied in our schools today.

There was at least one major flood in the area and may have gone as far as the Persian Gulf.  When the Atlantic Ocean broke down the silt dam at Gibraltar 6,000 years ago, that had to be one big flood.  This happened maybe as much as seven times in the last 1,000,000 years.

(I will get into Noah later, but his scenario may have taken place in the area of Armenia.  TIt was not Mt. Ararat, but the Ararat Mountains and take some time to study the Missoula Glacier Lake scenario.  I drove the route of that flood in September of 2009.  Fantastic!)

Can we imagine the rush of sea water into maybe two major freshwater seas; one on the west side of Italy and another on the east side of ItalyItaly may have been a land bridge between lower Europe and the North Africa coast.

What does this do to isotope studies?  Good question.  How much evidence has been washed away?

So, what is the big deal if the ancients said God created this that and the other on a given day.  Does that make the Bible a mess?  No!  The Bible simply shows us how the ancients thought back then.

I believe the Book of Genesis, short of Moses stepping into the picture, maybe an oral history that gives us a glimpse into the last Ice Age or maybe as many as three ice ages if one also studies the kingdoms of the Sumerians per Halley’s Bible Handbook on page. 

If one reviews the full extent of the last ice age, there is proof that the Mediterranean Sea was cut off from the Atlantic Ocean for an unknown period of time due to the drop of the Atlantic Ocean from the transfer of its water to the glaciers, ice fields and expanded ice flows and ice sheets. That which happened in the Arctic, happened in Antarctica.

The cut off point would be a silt dam at the Strait of Gibraltar. There are various places in the Mediterranean Sea that would have changed to fresh water lakes over a period of maybe 10s of thousands of years.

More study is needed, but if one researches, one will discover that part of the timetable for refilling of the Mediterranean Sea happened roughly just six-thousand years ago. How long was it cut off from the Atlantic Ocean?

What would the cutoff Mediterranean Sea looked like after thousands of years of Ice Age run off and silt from hundreds of rivers around the Sea? This would have changed the shore lines of the Mediterranean Sea. There would be two land bridges at Gibraltar and at the boot toe of Italy.

The new fresh water seas would have been bordered by commerce. The area of the Mediterranean would have had a different climate due to the compression of Typography towards the Equator. Rain was common.

The Mediterranean Sea of today would have been much different just 12,000 years ago. The Myths of Atlantis and Eden could have basis.

Genesis Chapter 2, Verse 8 through14.

(8) And the Lord God planted a garden in Eden, in the east…(10)A river flowed out of Eden to water the garden, and there it divided and became four rivers.  (11)The name of the first is Pishon: it is the one which flows around the whole land of Havilah, where there is much gold; (12) and the gold of that land is good; bdellium and onyx stone are there.

(This is a very good description of Egypt of today and what would have happened if the River Pishon met head on with the NileEgypt would have been a massive area of water.)

(13) The name of the second river is Gihon; it is one which flows around the whole land of Cush.  (Probably known today as the Jordan River) (14) And the third river is Tigris, which flow east of Assyria.  And the fourth river is the Euphrates.

Here is more evidence that the Mediterranean Sea was cut off from The Atlantic Ocean. A news release out of Libya reflects that Libya was once flooded by the Mediterranean Sea with fresh water.

"The most important of these aquifers, or water bearing rock strata, were laid down during a geological time when the Mediterranean Sea flowed southward to the foot of the Tibesti Mountains, that are situated on Libya's border with Chad."

This brings us to two questions that need to be addressed.
One, With The Atlantic Ocean cut off at Gibraltar Strait, with rivers during the ice age dumping silt and forming large unrestrained deltas, knowing that rains fell here during the ice age creating an unknown topography that allowed farming, how much silt would be needed to fill the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea bed east of the Italy boot?

Two, would there have been enough silt to form the fourth river in Genesis 2 as described and make its way off the coast of present day Israel and Syria and cut through the Suez gap to Egypt?

If so, strongly speculating, then the Jordan River and the Dead Sea would have been the third river and made it's way to the Red Sea. The Tigris and Euphrates would have been fed as stated from a major river flowing in the area between Turkey and Cyprus.

If there was a tremendous amount of fresh water from rains, not common at this time and periodic runoff from the glaciers and ice sheets north and south of the Mediterranean Sea bed as we know it today and a tremendous amount of silt dumped into the sea bed we would have had a different picture of the Mediterranean sea bed. There could have been the major river and the four rivers mentioned in Genesis.

Where is the Mediterranean silt today?

The power of the last ice age deluge can be found in the USA in the making of the Columbia River Gorge, The Badlands, The Scablands of Washington State, the Ohio River, Mammoth Cave, The Tennessee River Valley and the English Channel to name some samples. It is said the silt from the Appalachian Mountains can be found from Utah to Texas.

Could the ice age deluge, using the Volga and other major rivers in the sea bed have washed away the silt?


The final solution then remains, is chapter 2 of Genesis poetry or a handed down oral history from 15,000 to 20,000 years ago?

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