Sunspots, Hurricanes and Glaciers
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Black Hills Climate Change


Letter to the Rapid City Journal Editor.  Not published in the paper.  Published here.  

Climate Change in the Black Hills of South Dakota


Presently, along many forests in the Rockies are being hit by the Pine Beetle.  If one visits the Black Hills, one will see patches of brown pine that have been killed by this Pine Beetle.


While Democrats and Republicans argue whether there is Man-Made Global Warming or not and should it be taxed, the simple answer is there is Global Warming and probably a lot to come in the centuries ahead.  However, the global warming is not our doing.


What we may be seeing is the slow movement of Topography away from the Equator.  Now, we are seeing a drying of the forests by drought due to the lack of sunspot activity since 2006.


This allows the trees to lose their natural protection and defenses.  The Pine Beetle moves in for the kill.


This slow movement back northward of the forest in the Topography structure began around 1700 with the end of the Mini-Ice Age and the restart of “normal” sunspot activity.   Grasslands follow and the desert behind that.


The Subtropical and Tropical areas expand as well.


Here is a short Letter to the Editor of the Rapid City Journal I sent to him back in June.  Though they may not agree with Man-Made Global Warming, they seem to be at a lost of what is going on and what is destroying The Black Hills pine forest.


I thought I just give them and the area a simple explanation.