Sunspots, Hurricanes and Glaciers
It is all about sunspots

     Not long after the first paper, a national magazine published an article by some leading authorities, not all of them.  They blew off sunspot activity as a contributing factor to global warming. 

     A long-time friend recommended that I write a rebuttal.  Here it is and there are more and better charts in the back.

     I have grown/dropped out of favor of the major science and environmental magazines.  They give me the impression that they don't want to put all the science on the table.

     It has to hit their wallet sooner or later.

     We are greatly controlled by the UN and IPCC.  President George Bush put us under their science "OK" in 2004. 

     Now, the IPCC controls the sciences from the White House down to the local mayor's office and from the highest government education and environment offices down to kindergarten.

     I use to email and write and answer blogs, and so on and so forth. I said my piece here.  I think from here out, I will let this web site do the work. I want to get back to my Dakota research and that will be posted later.

     People have to decide for themselves.  The shame of it all is too much science is being kept off the table for sake of Cap and Trade politics and worldwide at that.  That is biting us already as drought sets in here and too much rain wipes out crops in Europe. 

     Soon, the surplus needed by poor nations already suffering food shortages will be totally out of luck.  The prices will be higher, too.

      The next time you pat yourself on the back because you pumped 10% veggie fuel into your tank, someone in the world is missing a meal, somewhat.  The Pope Warned us.


Low Sunspot Numbers Cool Global Warming