Sunspots, Hurricanes and Glaciers
It is all about sunspots

      I played around with sunspot numbers until I was able to build the same curved line graphs that the SIDC produce on their website.  Like Sir Richard Gregory, I went looking for some weather that correlated to sunspot activity. 

      The melting glacier activity seemed pretty obvious when one looks at the restart of sunspot activity and the melting of glaciers and Polar Ice Caps worldwide.  I needed some in the hurricane area to bring to a conclusion I had been searching for.

      The Conclusion is: At what point in a global warming period could the Earth produce a topical hurricane?

      I tried hurricanes numbers in relation to sunspot activity, but there were too many other variables.  At the time, number count.  Did they miss any?  It just wasn't clear enough.

      I read about Accumulated Cyclone Energy.  I ran the numbers while sitting around the TV room.  I ran the correlation. Bingo! Cold Chills! Bang!  I jumped up and shouted, "Yeah, Got it!"  I found what I was looking for.

       I did that while going to a golf academy.  I mentioned it to a fellow student while keeping score at a senior PGA qualification.  "Yeah, Right!"

       I was alone on this one.  Here's the paper. 


Correlation of Sunspot Activity to Accumulated Cyclone Energy