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"There Are No Absolutes," Neil Armstrong


I was driving along in Middletown, Ohio, about 2:00 P.M. on a warm sunny day when Astronaut Neil Armstrong, speaking at a university graduation, made this statement.  Being a young Christian, I quickly objected.

Over the decades, I came to realize how much he was right.  But I always knew in my heart that Genesis was accurate in it's depiction of creation and other events that the Church could not properly explain.

This is my attempt to bring the Book of Genesis back to life so other Christians, Jews and maybe Muslims and others can see that Genesis and the Bible is alive and well.

We must first realize that as people argue the Earth and the Universe were created in a series of days that is all these ancient people understood.  They didn't understand time as we do.

They were not stupid.  They were actually very smart.  However, they had only been around in terms of civilization a few thousand years.

The Mayans came up with the 26,000 year calendar based on the axis tilt of the Earth.

The Egyptians focused on a star for seasons.

The Sumerians, in the Babylon area, gave us 60 minutes.  They knew how to divide up a day.

If you read Chapter 1 of Genesis, the people of then only knew what a DAY was let alone a year.  We only had the concept that the Earth might be older than a 100,000 years ago.

Moses, the adopted child of Pharaoh’s daughter, grew up in Pharaoh’s courts and as the Hebrews traveled the deserts. The Hebrews benefited from the knowledge gained by Moses in the Court of Pharaoh.

Thus, much to my irritation, I listen almost monthly to Christians talk about God creating the Universe, the Earth and all that is on it in terms of DAYS.  They didn't know any better 6,000 years ago and the Christians don't know much better today. 

The ancient people did not have a timeframe of 1,000s of years let alone a day.  Their world was one of planting and harvesting and making it through the winter.

The world is moving along and Christians are stuck somewhere back on 4004 B.C. when fundamental, conservative Christians think the Universe, our solar system and the Earth began. Archbishop of Ireland, Joseph Ussher built the 6-Day creation around the end of the 1500s.  Too many Christians hold to it now.

Christians need to lighten up and get with it.