Sunspots, Hurricanes and Glaciers
It is all about sunspots

Where was the Garden of Eden

Best estimate is the garden laid along a valley between south Turkey and north Cyprus. 

I began a book recently and should give some light to this thought. The book is titled "The Mediterranean Was a Desert, A Voyage of the Glomar Challenger" by Kenneth J. Hsu

The book didn't work out in my favor at this time, but most of the work pointed to a few things I didn't know and reminded me of one item I read in a history book that I must find again.  That is, the water line of The Nile River was much higher at one time, which would help in building my hypothesis.

The book deals mostly with what happened before five million years ago. Glacier deluge of the last million years was not really touched on in the book.

The author proved what the evidence gave him and the others on his team and that is, The Mediterranean Sea did finally dry up and became a desert five million years ago.

Once the report was published, other scientists confirmed the author's work by bringing out other facts.  The most important one for me was that nearly every river around Mediterranean Sea has a deep gorge now covered in sediment. 

The gorge under The Nile River discovered during the building of the Aswan Dam. I.S Chumakov estimated (pages 172, 173) that the gorge under the Nile Delta was 1500 meters below sea level.  The gorge at The Aswan Dam area measured 200 meters below sea level (1 meter = 1.0936133 yards).  Finally, below Cairo is a canyon that is 2500 meters down to the bottom.

My problem with the history of five million years ago is to find enough sediment and glacier deluge water evidence to build a river valley between Turkey and Cyprus in the last five million years. The Ice Ages didn't kick in until a million years ago.

More to come. As of December 30, 2013.