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Who Was Jesus Christ?


You ever wonder why they called Jesus, The King of the Jews?

     The Lord Jesus Christ was, by the way, the King of the Jews, killed by Pilot but as a result of a conspiracy of the illegal leader of the Jews and the high priest of the Temple.  They got rid of the threat to their religion and way of life in the short run, but it was their undoing in the long run.

     Just a thought as I was researching Abram.  Abram left the city states of the Sumerians to seek his new life in the area of Syria.  There he became a wealthy man or was wealthy when he left Sumaria. 

     Elam's king descended upon Sumaria, from the Eastern Mountains of Elam conquered the land and went after the last man standing, 500 miles away, Abram.  Why would he bother to do that less, Abram was the living heir to the throne that ruled Sumaria? 

     Anyway, the Elam king attacked Abram's people and Abram took after the King and killed him. 

     This death made Abram king of Sumaria and King of Elam.  Back then, he who slew last, wins all.  Plus, he ruled his little desert area near Damascus.  Pretty large kingdom at that time.

     Since Jesus was Abram's living heir, though centuries apart, technically, he was the King of the Jews and Herod or Herod's were the illegal holders of the throne and the overall high priest of the Temple.

     Thus, Herod's fear of the child born in Bethlehem.  Thus, he had all those children killed under 2 years of age.

     Why was it easy to have Christ put to death?  He was a threat to Herod and the Temple High Priests.  He could change the whole way things were if he lived and took rule of Israel.

     I was reading some of Egypt's history.  Pharaoh was strong because he kept other nation's king close to him through gifts.  Joseph used his power to bring in his father, Jacob, the King of Canaan.  Pharaoh now had another people to directly rule as the heir to the throne of Israel was gone for a while.

     I used the word King so to make it easy to understand.  There is something going back to Abram or to Sumaria, where it appears they didn't really have a king, just the Man of God in Charge.  But, if we look in Halley's Bible Handbook, page 71, Sumaria's kings go back 350,000 years or roughly 3 ice ages.  The Sumarian gave us the 60 minute hour and some of the first calendars.  Can count?  Hmmm!

     Somewhere there is a chip off of the DNA that has longevity that was lost by Noah's sons to their wives from another earth clan.  They were better looking than Noah's clan.

     The Mayans gave us the 26,000 year calendar based on the angle of the Earth's axis.

     What did you do today for the Almighty? You might live by faith, but He did a lot of work on our behalf.  You might talk to Him about this.  You see where it got me.

Paul Pierett