Sunspots, Hurricanes and Glaciers
It is all about sunspots



I find our culture to have a humorous side, in that, people readily accept evolution until, "Where did man come from?"

I have read most of Darwin and finger through others work, but Darwin never approached the ape issue.  To me, White man always craved the answer, the answer was unacceptable.

The answer simply mirrored centuries of bigotry.  If you don't know the answer, well, its time for you to move on.  If Black men ever knew the answer, they would push for the removal of Evolution from USA schools.

That said, evolution is based on the successful death of all dinosaurs.  If the dinosaurs still exists, then there is no evolution, just breeding, both by man and by nature.

I run into things and people over my life and there is always that one thing that keeps me from buying the evolution package.

1.  Greeks and Egyptians claimed to have come from the gods.

2.  Watching a video on local TV in Maui around January 2006, made evolutionists in the 1800s look like Global Warming Alarmists.  They were going to hide evidence to the contrary until the theory was accepted.

3.  Sumerians claim to have a line of kings that go back 350,000 years.

4. Mayan calendar, built on the tilt changes in the Earth's axis covering 26,000 years.  Where did they get the math?

5.  Dinosaur brought up by Japanese fishermen.

6.  Flying dinosaur over Panama seen by live witness.

7. Possible dinosaurs in the Congo seen by live witness.

8. Possible flying dinosaurs in the mountains of what was Yugoslavia from a believe it or not type book.

People have a hard time with what is going on; what scientists want us to believe, and what might be still going on.  Fortunately, DNA is now available and should help clean up parts of the mystery.  There are no absolutes!